Still open!

If you’re running low on reading material, rest assured that the Literary Underworld is still open and shipping. We have the supreme luxury of sheltering in place and reliable postal pickup, so we can continue to ship any product in stock.

We have also put a large number of products at a significant discount, including out-of-print first editions you won’t find anywhere else. Keep in mind that these books come directly from the author or small press, so your purchase here directly benefits the creators who are suffering right now from the cancellations of cons and book tours and release events.

Be aware that for any photo prints or artwork, shipments may be slower than usual due to the temporary shutdown of our usual printer. The printer reopened on April 20, but there is a backlog of orders. You can still place an order, but be aware the time of process may be longer unless it is an item we already have in stock.

We hope you are all safe and not yet fantastically sick of your house. Stay healthy as best you can, and we will all see each other again soon.


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