Featured title: Setting Suns: Anniversary Edition 



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A nightmarish fun house turned deadly.

A couple trapped in a futile journey through time.

A single baleful eye watching from the deep.

An assassin waiting in a snow-covered tree.

A toy that seems to have a life of its own.

A pair of soldiers trapped between death and something worse.

A tenebrous hand reaching out of the shadows.

These are the award-winning tales and terrors of Elizabeth Donald, writer of things that go chomp in the night. This new anniversary edition is being released 20 years after the first story was published, now including a bonus short story and the author’s reflections on twenty years of twilight tales.

In that space between evening and nightfall, between consciousness and sleep, the moment when the light fades and the shadows take over… These are the lands of the Setting Suns.

Winner of the 2005 Darrell Award

“Elizabeth Donald is the George R.R. Martin of horror.” – Michael Knost, author of Return of the Mothman

“Donald’s is one of the strongest and freshest new genre voices out there.” – Bryan Smith, author of 68 Kill and The Unseen

“Elizabeth Donald delves into the shadows of the human psyche and plucks out the darkest, squirmiest bits fit for the spookiest of campfire gatherings.” – Sara Harvey, author of Music City

“One of the strongest writers it is my privilege to know.” – H. David Blalock, author of Ascendant

“A storytelling ability to rival that of Stephen King.” – Enchanting Reviews

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