Meet the Underlord: Diana Morgan

I am Diana Morgan. That’s actually a pen name. It comes from two of my favorite characters in literature. Diana is for Wonder Woman’s alias Diana Prince. She was the first superhero I encountered as a kid and I’ve always been obsessed with her. Morgan is from Morgan le Fay of King Arthur legend. Not always portrayed in a positive light, I have still always found her story fascinating and I love some of the more modern takes that cast her as an anti-hero.

In my day life I work as a librarian. I’ve always been passionate about books. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t reading. I started writing when I was a young kid. In fact, one of my first forays into writing was a summer camp where we pretended to be authors. I still have the first books I “published” there. I love helping people find new books and authors. I specialize in teen fiction but I’m also an expert in science fiction and fantasy, which is what I read and write.

My current book is Alliances. It’s the first in a planned series. It’s about Livia, a space pirate that is attempting to save the last colony of human survivors after they were driven off Earth by killer robots. But she has to contend with the egotistical admiral of the colony, Travs, as well as his assistant who doesn’t trust her and more pirates from her past. The story takes place mostly in space and in a space station. It has a lot of Battlestar Galactica and Firefly vibes. Space opera is one of my favorite genres and getting to play in this world has been huge fun.

I’m currently working on a second book for this series, continuing the adventures of Livia and Travs as they try to keep the colony of Earth survivors alive while dealing with the AI robots pursuing them as well as pirates and even more surprises in deep space.

I have several other projects in the works. I’m not the fastest writer, but I hope to have a lot of new stories out over the next year.

If I’m not working on writing I’m hanging out at the library. Keep reading!


Tristan Travs never wanted to be an Admiral. He wanted to serve his time as a top-notch pilot and retire early in comfort on his rich family’s dime. But all that changed five years ago when the Aveeys—humanity’s greatest advancement in AI technology— rebelled and destroyed the planet. He’s now left as the highest-ranking officer of Terran Colony, the only survivors. They move from planet to planet, trying to find a new home, on the run from Aveeys, and pirates—those who live on the fringes of civilized society.

Livia Icini never wanted to be a pirate. She wanted a normal life before the Aveeys destroyed everything. Now, she’s finally found a way to get that again, by seeking asylum in Terran Colony. Life is far from normal, and Livia has secrets beyond her pirate past. She may be seeking asylum, but she may also be the key to the Colony’s survival. If she can get the Admiral to trust her without killing him first.

Pirates and killer robots aren’t the only thing out to destroy the last of humanity. There are other things among the stars.

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