Missing our friends at Archon

Archon is one of our favorite events here at LitUnd Towers. In a normal year, right now a few of our crew would be putting the finishing touches on our booth outside the dealer’s room while the rest would be draping the boring hotel art and setting up the bar for tonight’s bacchanalia, part one.

Thanks to the Voldevirus, however, we will be watching scary movies at home with a pile of bite-sized candy, as we failed our saving throw against the Halloween display at Target.

We are all sad that the annual costume gala has been canceled, but for the vendors, artists and authors who depend on their Archon sales to make their living, it’s especially difficult. We get the double-punch: no fun AND no income.

If you have the means, go seek out your favorite con vendor(s) and buy something from them this weekend. Of course, we’re always delighted if you buy from us at Literary Underworld, as our authors are all struggling with the cancelation of nearly every convention, book fair, signing, tour, etc. Artists, crafters, vendors of all types are really hurting. And don’t forget SausageFest, which has raised more than $40,000 for breast cancer research over the years serving sausages at Archon. If you have the means, please throw some money at the folks who help make your con experience awesome, and get a jump start on your holiday shopping.

Zod willing we can party together again next year!